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Thorncombe Parish

Events and Notices

 Standing as a Thorncombe Parish Councillor

Residents in Thorncombe Parish will be aware that elections for the new Dorset Council and the Thorncombe Parish Council will take place in May.  A number (five in fact) of long-standing members of Thorncombe Parish Council will not be seeking re-election, which will leave the council severely depleted, but gives ample opportunity for some new faces.  I ask parishioners to please seriously consider becoming a Councillor.  The council does yeoman work in looking after the interests of the parish - monitoring planning applications, keeping footpaths open, keeping pressure on the County Council to deal with potholes and blocked drains, ensuring bus services are maintained, running the Community Car Scheme, managing the village Website, providing allotments, maintaining an infomal Neighbourhood Watch, supporting the Play Field, co-ordinating the Parish lengthman to carry out minor works in the area, dealing with Broadband issues, and much, much more.  The Parish Council is also landlord of the villlage Community Shop, and maintains a keen interest in it.  Without a well-filled Parish Council much of this good work would be lost.  So, please, please, potential councillors, step up to the plate.

The notification and dates for elections can be found in the document section of this page and If you are interested in helping our local community the nomination forms can be found at https://www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/councillors-committees-elections/elections-and-voting/pdfs/may-2019-unitary-and-parish-town-council-elections/may-2019-town-parish-council-elections/nomination-pack-for-candidates-standing-for-a-town-or-parish-council.pdf These forms will need to be completed within the advertised dates and they also provide useful background information to help you understand how the process works. If you have any further questions please contact us at thorncombepc@gmail.com 


Standing as a local councillor for the new Dorset Council in 2019

Dorset Council will be holding its elections in May 2019.  Information for anyone interested in standing for election can be found on the dorsetforyou website.  The webpages give an overview of:

  • the role of the councillor
  • standing for a political party or as an independent
  • the support that is available to candidates and councillors
  • how to stand for nomination
  • where to find additional information


Changes to the Thorncombe Mobile Library Service

Please find, in the attached file below, details from Dorset County Council regarding the changes that have been made to the library service for the Parish.



Please find attached below a document providing information on the directory and a request from  Councillor Marsh requesting contact from any businesses that would like to consider advertising in the next issue to be published in 2017.

Thorncombe Rural Bus Services Campaign

Please find below an update regarding the Thorncombe Bus Campaign including dates for future fund raising events. The first of these events being Breakfast Club in Thorncombe Village Hall on Sunday March 19th 2017.